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Hire a Reliable Concrete Company That Can Help You with the Resurfacing Process

If your concrete surfaces appear dull and worn out, it might be time to consider resurfacing them. This process involves removing the existing surface layer of concrete and replacing it with a new one that has been prepared according to your specifications. By getting your concrete resurfaced, you’ll get brand-new concrete surfaces that are smooth, hard-wearing, and attractive. Don’t worry since Franklin Concrete is always ready to assist you!

As a dependable concrete company in Huntsville, AL, we provide top-notch quality concrete resurfacing services and we can make your concrete structures and surfaces look as good as new.

What We Can Do for You

Professional Concrete Company in Huntsville, AL Our concrete resurfacing services are available for clients who want to bring back their dull concrete structures and surfaces. We can resurface concrete driveways, parking lots, patios, sidewalks, and other areas. We can also resurface concrete structures such as retaining walls, bridges, and more. We can even resurface concrete pipes, manholes, and other elements that are underground. We can resurface these surfaces and structures using industry-grade tools and special equipment. For your concrete surfaces and structures to look new again, choose our services today!

Our Modern Tools and Equipment

Our team uses modern resurfacing tools that allow us to remove the existing surface layer of concrete and prepare the base for a new coating of the material. We use industry-grade machines for this process that help us create smooth concrete surfaces while keeping concrete material even and intact. If there are small holes or cracks on your concrete surfaces, we’ll plug them with special resins before resurfacing the surface. This way, the holes will be filled up and the concrete will be smooth and durable. Of course, we’ll also use special equipment to remove all kinds of stains and cleaning solutions that managed to stain your concrete surfaces.

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